#CORONAVIRUS – 20% on your online order!

It is important to live-by the measures that have been implemented by the government to fight the spread of the CoVid19, every action counts. In order to go in this direction, we advise you to make your orders online as much as possible. Let’s stay safe & united ! To encourage you, we offer you […]

2020 Redbull King Of The Air – a bit of History

Every years, thousands of kiteboarders are very excited about the “Red Bull King Of The Air”, also named #KOTA. It is now one of the most prestigious kiteboard competition of the year. We figured out that it would be a great idea to write some information you may not know yet about this prestigious event […]

Leleo Kite – #LEVELUP

Leleo kite is a talented young half-belgian, half-Brazilian, freestyle kitesurfer. UNHOOKED.BE met him in Brazil 2 years ago and since then we have been providing him with all the support and help needed to enable him the opportunity to progress to the next level. Leleo kite has style, power and is so dedicated to his […]

Exclusive Interview with Mark Shinn

This winter, I travelled to El Medano and had the chance to meet with Mark Shinn, founder and designer of Shinn boards. If we want to summarize in few words Mark’s goal is to design boards with the following characteristics: performance durability and off course a personal touch of beauty Find here below my interview […]

My little Bro from Brazil – Leleo Kite

“Leleo Kite” is an aspiring young Kiteboarder of 10 years old. He is half Belgian, half Brazilian. This mini shredder has huge potential and his life is completely driven by his passion for Kitesurfing. Jerome is from Belgium and he shares the exact same passion, therefore he decided to head over to Barra Nova in […]

UH Team in Dakhla – Unhooked & KITELOOP your life !!

UH Team Rider, Damiooooo and Jerome went to Dakhla last month in order to train and get a lot of fun with the new MIST 2014, from Blade Kiteboarding. Dakhla is an amazing Kitesurf destination and Dakhla Spirit kitesurf Camp is the place to be !! Thanks to Soufiane all the crew for their hospitality, […]

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